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- The 0.5Hz Delta brainwave frequency, normally associated with deep sleep and release of deeply embedded stress patterns. May help with pain relief (temporarily), natural opiates released, supports the immune system, stress buster.
1.5Hz - May experience pain relief and can promote quiet sleep.
5.0Hz - In the Palaces of Memory (by George Johnson) they suggest 5Hz as being the optimum learning frequency. Even as you read these words, a tiny portion of your brain is physically changing. New connections are being sprouted in a circuit that will create a stab of recognition if you encounter the words again. Supports the body to repair and heal.
7.83Hz - The 7.83Hz Alpha Theta (border) brainwave frequency and itís associated with a relaxed, but very focused mental state. This is also the Schumann Frequency. Ideal for meditation and relaxation.
10Hz - Brainwave entrainment at 10 Hz stimulates the brain using the alpha wave frequency which allows for an increased release of serotonin.
100Hz - Feel better, blast those moods !
BT11 - Brain tuner, endorphin release, natural mood enhancer.


Specifications of the BTPlus braintuner

CURRENT : 10 to 600µA (in 20 digital steps).
TIMER : 5 to 60 minutes, increments of 5 minutes. (up and down)
DISPLAY : Shows all your options and level of stimulation.
WAVEFORM : Bipolar asymmetric rectangular waves, 50% duty cycle.
INTENSITY CONTROL : 20 steps (up and down)
SIZE : 2 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch (5cm x 8cm x 2cm)
POWER SUPPLY : Rechargeable internal battery included !
(supplied with the appropriate European 220/240V charger)

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